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APHI World Group is a reputable company that specializes in the exportation of high-quality agricultural products. Our products are primarily sourced from Thailand and Korea and are focused on two main products: Durian and Strawberries.

At APHI World Group, we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers by continually providing high-quality agricultural products. We understand that the quality of our products is essential to our success and will always make sure to maintain our reputation as an exporter of only the best.


The Durian we export is of the highest quality and is sourced from Thailand. Our Durian is carefully cultivated and picked during peak season to ensure optimum freshness. We take great pride in providing our customers with Durian that is not only delicious, but also safe. Our team conducts thorough quality control measures to guarantee that our customers receive only the finest Durian from us.


We also export Strawberries from Korea, which are widely known for their sweetness and juiciness. Our Strawberries undergo a strict production process and are carefully inspected to ensure consistent quality. We are dedicated to delivering our customers fresh and tasty Strawberries that are suitable for various culinary uses.

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